About Us

Benefits of Using Pressure Pro of Jacksonville

Pressure washing is the main service we offer. We can assist the home owners in reducing or eliminating mold buildup on the home, roof and concrete. This gets dragged into the home or office every time you walk on a mold bearing surface.

Pressure Pro of Jax, Inc. assists property management companies maintain their properties that anyone would be proud to show, rent or own. We have the capabilities to bring surfaces to like new conditions and can maintain that for the duration of our services.

Pressure Pro of Jax, Inc. is committed to helping the people of Jacksonville and its businesses in the restoration of their properties and in turn keeping Jacksonville beautiful.

Industry Standards

We receive materials from all over the country without standards and time in the business. The average pressure washing business lasts approximately 1.5 years and our standard is 18 years. We have quadrupled these expectations and plan on doing just that for years to come.

We are a family owned and operated business. That means we are committed to quality and guarantee all of our work to satisfaction.